Welcome to Medical Effect Switzerland

Medical Effect is your professional partner around the topics of eHealth, Studies, Interfaces, Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy. With years of experience and a team of doctors, dentists and medical informatics we translate scientific requirements and medical standards practical, connect patient management with language independence and base on maximum time saving in daily practice with reducing costs, improving quality of care and automation.

Pioneering concepts in the international health care sector are implemented by medValet and Global Healthcare Framework. This newly created health ecosystem combines all kind of therapists for the first time with their patients through an interdisciplinary and internationally standardized health and patient record.

Global Healthcare Framework

Complete solution for documentation and management for dentists, orthodontics, maxillofacial surgeons and prophylaxis. Windows and Mac

Implant Organizer

Documentation and Management for Implantologists. Free trial version for Windows and Mac


Medical electronic health record. Standardized and language independent. New communication interface between therapist and patient.